The Carling Cup: Was it worth it?

Everyone knows how important the (relatively) common appearances of Daniel Agger has been to the defensive performance of Liverpool this season. With the Dane on the pitch, the Reds have conceded a goal every 130 minutes. Contrast that to the fact that without Agger, a goal has been conceded every 59 minutes and it is painfully clear that the quicker he returns to the starting side the quicker the performances will improve.

Other than Arsenal’s goal machine Robin van Persie, I doubt there is a side in the Premier League that is so heavily reliant on one player to achieve results. It is no coincidence that Liverpool’s recent run of form has occurred whilst Agger has been injured.

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Comolli: Pass or fail?

It seems Damien Comolli will forever be a polarising figure. Applauded in some circles for his work at Tottenham and laughed at from others. He is viewed as anything from the best at his craft to overrated and the one responsible for Tottenham’s disasterous start to the 2008/09 Premier League campaign.

A recent article on Backpage Football is blunt in its attack over the Frenchman’s reign as Director of Football Strategy and now Director of Football at Liverpool. Cian Fahey makes some startling comments about the signings Comolli has made.

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