Liverpool: More chances and less goals

A million chances, another wasted penalty, one more strike hitting the post and no goals has been the story of Liverpool’s season so far. Have they been unlucky? Have all the chances they have created been good ones? Statistics can never tell the whole truth, particularly on something as subjective as ‘what is a good chance’ but it is worth having a look at a few different statistics to analyse why Liverpool have been struggling to find the back of the net this season.

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Comolli: Pass or fail?

It seems Damien Comolli will forever be a polarising figure. Applauded in some circles for his work at Tottenham and laughed at from others. He is viewed as anything from the best at his craft to overrated and the one responsible for Tottenham’s disasterous start to the 2008/09 Premier League campaign.

A recent article on Backpage Football is blunt in its attack over the Frenchman’s reign as Director of Football Strategy and now Director of Football at Liverpool. Cian Fahey makes some startling comments about the signings Comolli has made.

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